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Pinning to test this. okay I'm editing it now after pinning it and it didn't work on me, but my friend who sent it to me said it worked on her, so I guess it works on some.lest see if this works

Okay guys, I know this is not art but, she is so cute and she needs our help!

Well, i don't know if she will get to meet "Pink?" However, please pray for her and her family. * If she does get to meet "pink" i hope she enjoys herself. * Thanks, and god bless, E.

There is always a reason 2 smile!

Please just come and talk to me I don't mind staying up late to talk. If you commit suicide that will shatter my heart, and soul into a billion pieces, I've already lost enough people in my life. PLEASE TALK TO ME

Stop bullying

I repost bc I think its important to stop bullying but I hate the pressure its using to make people repost. Like its saying stop bullying so you succumb to social pressure instead of fighting for an important cause with actual real life victims


I know all of you have a heart. Even the ones that don't repost. Please everyone just pray for ppl with cancer because it's honestly so sad. Please repost, but if you don't you still have a real heart. EVERYONE has a real heart.

Sorry. Just cant risk it.

I'm not reposting this because "One girl didn't and her mom died 1 year later" I'm reposting this because I actually LOVE my mom.>>>I love my mom and always will