Peleş Castle  in Sinaia, Romania

Peles Castle is Neo-Renaissance castle that was built in a particularly beautiful part of Romania’s Carpathian Mountains between 1873 and

pamukkale - Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey (2000 hits).

Pamukkale, meaning “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a natural site in Denizli Province in southwestern Turkey. The city contains hot springsandtravertines,terraces ofcarbonate minerals left by the flowing water.

House of Parlament, Bucharest  - Romania

World’s Most Impressive Buildings - World’s Largest Civilian Administrative Building, World’s Most Expensive Administrative Building and World’s Heaviest Building - Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania

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Slidable Sleeping Sofas - The Vento Convertible Bed Couch Does Not Need to be Pulled Out (GALLERY) Pretty awesome since we will never have a guest room until kids start moving out ha.

Prejmer Fortified Church Image - Transylvania, Romania

Prejmer Fortified Church Image - Transylvania, Romania

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DIY Tractor Tire Garden Pond… (What an awesome idea!) Great idea for the tractor tire in mom’s back yard!

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love the whole layout and design. and the bed slides in like a drawer for more floor space. Would love to have this in a kid's or guest room. Especially great if you have kids sharing a room.

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Tips On How to Arrange Your Garden Simple But With Style - Find Fun Art Projects to Do at Home and Arts and Crafts Ideas

The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance

The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance

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