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a black and white dog wearing a red leather harness with intricate embossings
Mens Brown Leather Wallet Personalized Gift, Slim, Thin Front Pocket Wallet - Personalize up to 3 Characters, Initials - Durable Fathers Day
Custom Leather Hand Tooled Dog Harness - WOW
a dog is jumping in the air with his mouth open
Marvelous photo!
a dog sleeping on top of a bed with white sheets and pillows in front of him
the daily walter cronkite
Dreaming about tummy rubs and Scooby snacks!
a white horse standing on top of a sandy beach under a cloudy sky with dark clouds
a dog laying on top of a bed with a book in it's mouth
four puppies are playing in the bathtub with one baby and three other dogs
Bath time, oh so cute!!
a brown and white dog standing in the grass
Love Boxers, my Sampson used to be that little
a brown and white dog laying in a crocheted blanket
Boston Terrier Photo of the Week Caption Contest Winners - Plumm
Boston Terrier Roll up
a dog sitting on the floor with its mouth open and tongue out, saying happy friday
A Dog Catching Chicken Nuggets
A Dog Catching Chicken Nugget...the longer you look the funnier it gets
an american bull dog running across a white background with the caption, roll over the hot spots to check out the conditions
The Dig - Pet Health & Lifestyle Resource by Fetch
Did you know the American Bulldog is descended from working type bulldogs found on ranches and farms in the Southern and Midwestern United States? Read more about this breed by visiting Petplan pet insurance's Condition Checker.
there is a man that is standing next to a pool with an alligator in it
Meme Center - Largest Creative Humor Community
a brown and white dog jumping in the air to catch a sprinkle from a water hose
Dogs Vs. Sprinklers: Pics, Videos, Links, News
Whee!!!! Boxer fun :)
a brown and white dog laying on top of a bed
Coming Soon
Worn out! I cannot wait to get a bulldog baby and snuggle