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a wooden wind chime sitting on top of a cement floor
Medieval and Star Pavilion Tent Construction and Techniques
a group of tents sitting on top of a lush green field
Great set up and use of space with the tent poles. Compagnie Felag Öfardig Ducka
two wooden frames sitting in the grass near trees
130 Viking Tent ideas | viking tent, tent, kids tents
1000+ ideas about Viking Tent on Pinterest | Viking Shield, Sca ...
an old fashioned wooden swing set with pots and pans on it
a wooden stand with pots and pans on it in the grass near some tents
a tent set up in the grass with stuffed animals and other items around it on display
Scarborough Castle 2015
a man wearing a red and yellow outfit with a hat on top of his head
Various everyday wear for a Viking-Age man. Worn is a leather belt suspending a leather drawstring pouch (Haithabu find-based) for carrying money (coins, gold, silver, jewelry, beads), a bronze comb and Seax (not visible). Across one shoulder is a sword on an early-style baldric, across the other is a leather bag for carrying food, fire-starting kit, etc. A Mjölnir is worn around the neck, also based off a find from Haithabu. A leather costrel could sometimes also be worn for water transport...
Viking Pants, Celtic Costume, Viking Tunic, Celtic Viking