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the fabric has been stitched together with flowers and leaves on it, along with other material
Hands-On Workshop
notjustnat creative blog: Hands-On Workshop
someone is making silk eco printing with their hands
Batik - Instructions
Oh my gosh, I have never really known how amazing silk is. ‘And even better than that is how easy it takes Eco Printing. How wonderful can it be when all you need is nature to make permanent impressions for you. Make yourself a Stunning Eco Printing scarf or give as a very unique gift. | For more, see my Textile Arts Boards ~> Fabric: Batik, Paint, Dye... ~> The Art of Batik ~> ThreadPainting ~ Embroidery ~> Quilting & Thread Painting ~> Crochet Euphorium Group
a person is cutting out leaves on a piece of fabric
Gumnut Magic
someone is holding up some leaves on a white sheet with the text eco printing on cotton
How to ECO PRINT on Cotton Fabric
how to eco print Diy, Nature, Art
Easy Eco Printing!