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Man Gets Arrested For Not Returning VHS Tape Rented 14 Years Ago

Man Arrested for Failing to Return ‘Freddy Got Fingered’ VHS 14 Years Ago

Dark Souls III - Final Trailer Before the Official Release

Although the western public has to wait until April, gamers from Japan have already received the third title of the Dark Souls series.

Hugh Jackman Saved His Son From Drowning

Actor Hugh Jackman saved his son, on Saturday, from Drowning and helped another swimmer get to shore on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, when a giant wave

Kate Middleton Angry That Prince William Went to Kenya to Visit his Former Girlfriend

The couple discussed issues surrounding suicide with campaigner Jonny Benjamin who believes that he may not have reached crisis point if he'd received help for his mental health challenges earlier in life

Five iPhone Apps That Eat Up Your Battery

The iPhone has one big problem: battery autonomy. Although the main consumer is the display, in reality apps are really more energy hungry because we're us

Things Not Many People Know About Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Photos Photos - Actress Sarah Jessica Parker attends the Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner at Skylight Studios at Moynihan Station on May 2013 in New York City. - Celebs at the Tate Americas Foundation Artists Dinner

Is Donald Trump Hiding Behind Phone Interviews ?

TV networks have divided opinions regarding live phone interviews in political shows. While Donald Trump, the Republican candidate to the Presidency of the

What Nobody Understands About Apple and iPhone SE

Apple was supposed to go bankrupt when the first iPhone was released. When Steve Jobs passed away. When Apple launched a tablet, a smartwatch, a laptop wit

IT'S OVER: Shemar  Moore Leaves Criminal Minds

After playing the role of Special Agent Derek Morgan on Criminal Minds for 11 years, actor Shemar Moore has finally made the decision of moving on and leav

Microsoft Fails Artificial Intelligence Experiment on Twitter

Some of the biggest IT companies in the world today are playing around with artificial intelligence, developing new A. technologies every day, and Micros