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"This is my illustration of the final scene from the book Perelandra (also titled Voyage to Venus) by C. S. Lewis, the second part of the Space Trilogy, where the protagonist, Elwin Ransom, in a sacred mountain valley on the planet Perelandra (Venus), meets the two angelic beings who are the guardians of the planets Venus and Mars. * Original pen and watercolour painting * Paper size A3 (11.7\" x 16.5\") Thank you for viewing!"

Space trilogies

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the cosmic theory of c s lewis
Brian Froud
a drawing of an animal with red hair and big eyes, sitting on the ground
Dragon-Fire and Savage Swords
an artistic painting of mushrooms and trees in the night
Cosmic Planta
an artistic painting of a space ship in the middle of a galaxy filled with stars
a painting with an image of jesus and mary
a lion sitting on top of a hill next to a person standing in the distance
FFWC Challenge 6
a statue with the quote we laugh at hour and are shocked to find tractors in our midst
a painting with a quote from c s lewis about the life and times of jesus
Prove your humanity