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Stoitza Nicoleta
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I certainly didnt follow this. So many regrets ☹️

my mother is still young and full of life, despite her age, and still looks young as well. but this is still such a rarely realized aspect of reality.

The best puzzles are not solved quickly because they are meant to challenge the intellect, so why should your life be any less interesting? Don't panic about the pieces, find the pattern.   -- Lou

Best & famous Encouraging quotes Below are some written quotes, to directly view “Top 30 Encouraging quotes” Just scroll down ! Few words of encouragements during failure is worth e…

Truth. Let go of the negative to make room for more positive: the key to happiness.

Our thoughts create our perception of life. Be willing to consider new ideas. even just a little :) --need to try. If you realized how powerful your thoughts are you'd never think a negative thought again.


2017 Will be a selfish year. My time will be invested on me. On improving myself. I want to become a better person physically and emotionally.

the pursuit of happiness

You choose how you react to circumstances and other people. choose wisely my friend. You are the one that suffers when you don't. Focus on the Savior and joy will come!