I love Lady & The Tramp Movie

I love Lady & The Tramp Movie

Are Disney Princesses Evil? Author Peggy Orenstein on raising daughters in an age of gender-branded diapers, tiara-toting toddlers, and sexed-up preteens.

Another one of my fav* Disney movies!

Another one of my fav* Disney movies!


A brief introduction to the professional artist Bill Inman. Come discover Art Class Oil Painting Demos and Instruction Videos by alla prima and plein air Imp.

Only a true Disney foodie fanatic can match the Disney Dish to the correct Disney film it starred in. Cue the dishes!

A quick quiz to test your Disney dog knowledge.

Images of Lady, Tramp, Puppies, Trusty and Jock from Disney's Lady and the Tramp, plus Scamp and Angel from Lady and the Tramp

I love this picture!

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Walt Disney

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Bambi and friends!