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three red and white fabric cupcakes with buttons on them sitting on top of a wooden table
Verlosungsverwirrung oder Spangerl gefällig?
an image of a camera bag made out of fabric and some other things to sew
ITH Stickdateien
ITH Stickdatei Camera 13x18, Portmonee, Geldbeutel, Tasche Stickdatei,
two cartoon characters on red and white checkered fabric
♥Stickdateien FREI♥
PATCHWORKangel(a): ♥Stickdateien FREI♥
a pink and green purse keychain sitting on top of a white table
Stickdatei Universal-Täschle Blumenwiese ITH
Universal-Täschle Blumenwiese ITH
several small purses with polka dots and buttons on them, all in different colors
SiMas Paradies Blog: August 2014
a blue and white pillow with a wooden fish tag on it's front side
Fröhliche Anhänger nähen – Tutorial - von Lange Hand Shop
Freebie Fischanhänger Tutorial von Lange Hand
a cross stitch pattern with words and a butterfly in the center that says,'we are
Wer Schmetterlinge lachen hört,
stickdatei schmetterling
an owl design on the side of a bag
Täschchen OWL LOVE Plotter Freebie - HANDMADE Kultur
Täschchen OWL LOVE Plotter Freebie
an image of a white cat with red heart on it's face and eyes
Schönes von Emilu - Wenn man eine Schraube locker hat ... hat das Leben etwas Spiel ♥
Freebie Mietzekatze 10x10 bis 13x18 kostenloser Stickdatei
a pillow with a teddy bear on it and an american flag in the sailboat
Sailing BärBel 13x18 Rahmen -
Stickmuster - ♥ *Sailing BärBel* 13x18 Rahmen ♥ - ein Designerstück von StoffCut bei DaWanda
an octopus is in the middle of a circle
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★Fledermaus★ Doodle-Button
a hedgehog made out of felt sitting on top of a blue and white striped shirt
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Igel - Applikationsvorlage kostenlos Applique Freebie free Hedgehog Carla näht.
a close up of a small patch with a bee on it and a flower in the middle
Material & Werkzeug -
Stickmuster - Hummel Doodle Stickdatei - ein Designerstück von feinliebshop bei DaWanda
a white star with a pink heart in the center
FREEBIES - ginihouse3
a cat with a pink ball on its head is sitting next to an open book
stickdatei freebie
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