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Arrow Cross was the Nazi party of Hungary during the WWII helping mass murder of Hungarian Jews (Search "Arrow Cross Party", "Pfeilkreuzler")


THINGS THAT PLEASE ME & TOUCH MY SOUL. I claim no ownership of these photos. I will be happy to remove any if it is requested. I try to post things that take my breath & make me say "oooh", "aaah" or "awww".

wolf. those eyes.

Wolves are beautiful creatures, but they should not have to give up their beauty for you. Yes, fur coats are warm, but they can be replaced with faux fur instead. Wolves and other animals shouldn't have to have their fur taken away for you.

and wolves!

((Need someone to be the wolf)) I'm always out in the woods, just observing everything. I'd been seeing the wolf a lot more lately; This time, he came to me