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How To Make A Fire Extinguisher | Old School Survival Skills You Should Know | Survival Life

How to Make a FIRE EXTINGUISHER: dissolve 1 lb. salt and half a pound of sal-ammoniac in 2 quarts of water and bottle the liquor in thin glass bottles holding about a quart each.

DIY Mini Aquaponics System

Check out this cool aquaponics set-up! Doesnt look like it would fit in an apartment though.

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I will use this for the Fairy ladder.Comments A secure temporary hitch that can be easily spilled by removing the toggle. The Marlin Spike Hitch gets it name from the practice o.

10 Plants That Keep the Mosquitos Away

Keep your yard and garden mosquito free! Here are 10 plants that will help keep those pesky insects away naturally. Or in our case- plants I need to grow in bulk!