Cute step-by-step for a braided ribbon belt. Could also use this for handles, straps, headbands, etc.

from Complete Encyclopedia of Needlework by T. deDillmont.  This insertion seam consists of groups of 3 Buttonhole stitches, with the center stitch about twice the length of the 2 outer stitches.

Baroque Embellishments: Openwork Insertion Seams - Work On The Scarf Continues

Arma flores en tu tela a lunares

Smocking using polka dot fabric for the grid - Smocked Clutch Tutorial by Zakka Inspired


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hem stitching needle insertion, top of piece

How to Hem Stitch for Weaving


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A hand carved owl necklace with a pyrography (wood burning) design. I carve these from beech and apply a lacquer to protect the wood.