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Elementary school educates children for the first 6 or 7 years of his school careers. Most of the elementary schools start with pre-kindergarten or kindergarten and ends with fifth or sixth grade. This varies by school and locality.

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Marketers of fad diets know how to target your weaknesses and play on your desires to lose weight. Despite the pressure, it is important to remember that these fad diets are not the answer to achieve

Psiholog Furia e o emotie normala. Toata lumea se simte suparata, iritata, frustrata sau chiar furioasa din cand in cand. Furia poate fi exprimata prin tipete, strigate sau injuraturi, iar in cazuri extreme poate escalada in agresiune fizica fata de obiecte (lovirea, trantirea obiectelor) sau fata de oameni (fata de propria persoana sau fata de ceilalti)

Angry Journal for students who need an acceptable outlet to express their anger

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I've written several articles about children and parenting. Three of those articles were about spanking and the alternatives to spanking. The number one response I received from pro-spanking parents was that children today are worse than ever before.

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Rebecca Cohen has been happily married for over a decade, and a mother to two children. She learned she was pregnant with her third child last year. Twenty w

Daca simti ca ai anxietate sociala (Ce e anxietatea sociala?) si cauti modalitati si strategii care sa iti reduca aceste simptome in situatiile sociale, indicat este sa vorbesti cu un psiholog despre optiunile pe care le ai. Mai jos sunt prezentate cateva strategii psihoterapeutice (cognitiv-comportamentale) pe care le poti lua in considerare. Psiholog Cluj - Cabinet Psihologic Cluj Psihoterapie Psihoterapeut

Fake it till you make it!

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balbaiala balbism copii psiholog cluj

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Mind Full of Literacy: Can Being Mindful of Emotions During Reading Improve Comprehension?

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Bonnie Whiskers ~ "Babysitting Sugarpaw" deals with this issue on a simple level. Thought you all might find this article interesting.

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Dementia is a decline in cognitive function potentially caused by a number of disorders: Alzheimer dementia, Vascular dementia, Lewy body dementia and Frontotemporal dementia.

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psihoterapie, anxietatea generalizata, anxietate, psiholog

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Psihoterapie, Hipocondria, Psiholog