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Ilyen lehet az új Starliner? Egy elképzelés a modellbus.infóról. (fotó:

The Future of Luxury Charter & Tour Buses

Every woman should learn self defense.

marlowthewarlord: “imakarategirl: “juji-gatame: “This girl has some serious technique! Good power grip, excellent kuzushi (love the little right leg sweep, like an Ouchi-gari) and tight tsukuri! So, if you think Judo is not good for self-defenses….

Cool And Small House For Students

Eco-friendly house made out of wood can be easily transported and installed on university campuses and in other locations.Designed by Tengbom.

Eco-friendly Smart student units Tiny House idea+sgn by Tengbom for AF Bostäder 6

10 Square-meter Student Unit, Swedish firm Tengbom has designed a ten square-metre wooden house for students of the Lund University in Sweden, aimed to create a living unit which would be affordable and sustainable.