inspiration for t-shirt alterations. I could put it under a vest - combine the image with an actually vest, add sleeves, and get rid of the stains (and hugeness).

Indigo patchwork tee

DIP HEM TEE- Perfect for little boys. Trend predicts ombre patterns, soft SJ and contrasting patchwork/binding

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cute t-shirt

cute idea for tshirt redo - I used to do this to my t-shirts years ago - guess it's coming back in style. Find the doilies in your antique store or Goodwill.

upcycled t shirt dress

upcycled t shirt dress--could be a good concept for a summer dress. T-shirt wide oval neck

Brown Tenille dress 100% slub cotton - robe - Des Petits Hauts

Brown Tenille dress slub cotton - robe - Des Petits Hauts With different shoes.

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