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perfect back porch - tile, rug, fire, fans, covered. And cheerful.
could be used as part of the Secret Garden's decor
Awesome How to Make a Spectacular Floor Lamp with Logs #DIY #Handmade #LED…
Rusted Metal Sculptures Sometimes, the only metal touch your garden needs lies in a simple sculptures. If you aren’t willing to make one, you can always buy one, or reclaim a great piece from the junkyard.
touching circles
Stone Flowers Garden Art
volando con piedras :)
Flower pattern (daisies) mosaic stone pebble patio or garden pathway | designer: Janette Ireland LED2472 photographer: Liz Eddison
BABY FEET, Pebble/stone picture, Painting with pebble and drifwood, Baby shower, Personal gift, New parents, New arrival, Pebble art wall in