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Table lamp made of wood and steel with japanese paper P120

Table lamp made of wood and steel with japanese paper

Sands of Timed Light

The 15 Minutes Lamp is an innovative fusion of a sand-timer and mood lamp that comes handy at night. As the sand flows towards the light at the

It is everywhere around us, but we fail to notice it. Yasuhito Hirose became fascinated with the effect (sun)light will have on dust: it will make it sparkle and whirl. This has inspired him to create a lamp that will attract dust.

Viabizzuno inmilano space becomes a gallery of works and projects: exhibited light sculptures by marcello chiarenza, Iodice brothers and mario nanni Viabizzuno progettiamo la luce

Viabizzuno draws together passion, tradition, expertise, experience, innovation and research in order to fully express its way of making light.


Our friend Marcello Silvestre, from Iodice Architetti sent us their design por the Italian Pavillion for the Shanghai World Expo Silvestre,.

Lighting Colour Temperature - KKDC:

Lighting Colour Temperature - KKDC Source by pandiiouyzhi I do not take credit for the images in this post. What I do accept and recognize is that I foun.

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LAMPE GAYALUX - The lamp Gayalux concrete is both sculptural and light. This ball is anchored to the mineral soil, it seems levitate with his ray of light passing through. Concrete leaves the architecture for the object, the block is curved like a skin.