Nitu Stefan
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ultimate gaming setup!

So if I won the lottery I would get this computer work station/gaming chair (includes touch screens, air filtration, vitamin D therapy and a THX surround system).

Shotgun shot glasses

Wash your mouth out with buckshot with these premium 12 Gauge Shotgun Shell Shot Glasses. Blow away your friends and family by taking out the big guns at the next party. Each glass measure inches in diameter and 3 inches tall.

medieval hand blades

Owning a pair of these medieval hand blades is the closest you’ll ever get to being born with mutant healing powers and given retractable blades in your fists SWEET!

Interactive pool table -

Play billiards on this digitally upgraded pool table that interacts with every movement of the pool balls.

Gun door handle

Open the door with a bang. These door knobs, or probably more accurately door handles, are called Bang Bang and are designed by Russian design firm Napalm.