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Use old wood pallets to make something awesome! Here are 6 DIY pallet furniture ideas to add some pizzazz - and practicality - to your outdoor living space.

Sensory- What a great idea for kids who are learning their sense of touch! Using different objects for the different textures is one way to adapt this activity. For example instead of waxed paper for something smooth, you could use parts of a smooth leaf.

Great activity for teaching touch during a 5 Senses lesson or texture during art. By the end of exploratory, the kids will be able to describe different textures.

Learn how to use hand signs as part of your classroom management strategy.

For the past few years, I have used this Sign Language inspired classroom management strategy with my students with great success. I have finally decided to update the graphics and provide it to you for free since I believe it is really that amazing!

Free 2D shape activity!  Use shapes to create shape monsters!

math Program goals- Develop problem solving skills objective- Given the worksheet, Students will use shapes to make a Shape Monster. After their monsters are created, students count and graph how many of each shape was used on the sheets given.