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an outdoor grill with hot dogs and buns on the handle barbecuing
De Grill Tube een andere manier van grillen kijk eens op
a bunch of meat is cooking on a grill in the grass outside at night time
Rippentonne - supercool!
a large grill sitting inside of a garage
High Quality Stainless Steel Barrels on Sale
Stainless Steel Drum Keg Smoker
an image of a pizza being cooked on the grill with fire coming out of it
Pizza oven and patio heater combo! - DIY projects for everyone!
a black grill sitting on top of a grass covered field
36" Original Patio - Lang BBQ Smokers
36" Lang Offset Smoker - stick burner. Will have one day soon.
a man standing next to a red and black grill
Bam Bam BBQ Pit Master - Awarded Grand Champion! Check out Bam Bam's BBQ on FB!
a large black barrel sitting on top of a metal stand
How to Make an Oil Drum BBQ Smoker
How to make an Oil Drum BBQ Smoker
a large metal grill sitting on the side of a road next to a store front
This is a 24" Diameter Cart Smoker. It has a 60" Long Cooking Chamber x 20" Long Firebox on Castor Wheels! Great for Cookoffs or on the Patio! #HorizonSmokers Order yours today 580-336-2400
an outdoor bbq grill in front of a house with bushes and shrubs around it
New Jersey's Best BBQ Smoker - Lip Smakin Smokers -East Coast Source for BBQ Smokers, BBQ Woods, BBQ Sauces
The 20" Horizon Ranger Smoker "Guaranteed for a Lifetime Against Burnout"
an outdoor bbq grill with two charcoal smokers on the side and one black
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Horizon Smoker 16 Ranger Backyard Smoker
two large ovens sitting in the middle of a field
Custom Built 6 ft. Double Door Charcoal Grill for Guy Fieri. Follow @horizonsmokers on twitter for more info & pics of smokers.
an outdoor bbq grill with antlers on it
This is a Horizon 16" DD Special Smoker. It has a Buck Skull Silhouette, two thermometers, a sliding Convection Plate & Custom Wheels. Place your Order Today!
a large bbq grill sitting in front of a red building next to a gas pump
Photo 3 of 3 . Cost to build about $200 . Trailer was $100 .- New tires $50 .- 250 Gallon Oil Tank FREE . Misc. Lights , grate's , chain etc. another $50. I cut 11" out of the middle of the tank . Grill opens from the front or 1/2 the grill flips back. I have a divider in the middle , so I can put wood on one side and smoke whatever I want on the other . Works great ! I can still add a spit if needed . Two temp gauges on the front . MATT
an outdoor bbq grill sitting on top of a gravel ground next to a fence
Smoker almost finished, sitting on make shift dolly until trailer is built to put smoker on