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a woman and child are sitting in front of a fire place that is built into the wall
Kaminofen, Kaminöfen
two pictures showing different types of shipping containers
Japan's First Container House that has Cleared the Building Standards Act! - Living in a Container
before and after pictures of a house made out of shipping containers, the owner is standing in front of it
Claudie Dubreuil’s Shipping Container Home
two pictures showing the inside and outside of a house with stairs leading up to it
17 Cool Container Homes To Inspire Your Own | Homesteading Ideas
a large building made out of shipping containers with windows on the top and doors open
Hybrid Container House made with 5 Shipping Containers in Arizona - Living in a Container
a log cabin with porches and balconies
Counry house – Maison en bois typiquement finlandaise
a large wooden house in the woods with porches and balconies on each level
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