Staicu Maria-Alexandra

Staicu Maria-Alexandra

Staicu Maria-Alexandra
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Ask us about the difference between natural tooth and dental implant. #dentalimplants

Great illustration of a natural tooth vs. a dental implant. If you're interested in an implant, give us a call to schedule your consult.

Anatomy of a Bad Tooth and Good Tooth: Two от Rachelignotofsky

One of my newest anatomy illustrations! This little guy is showing off his pearly whites. A cute way for kids to learn while they brush their teeth and a great gift for your favorite dentist. check it out in my shop at:.

Mixed dentition

Development of the human dentition from the seventh year to maturity. Note the displacement of the primary teeth.

Keep this image in mind for the next hygiene appointment and periodontal charting.

Every 6 Months when you come into the dentist for a cleaning, our Dental Hygienist check your probing depths.This is what probing depths means.

This concerns me - I mean really concerns me! Vahjayjay Dentata Glow-in-the-Dark Underwear on Etsy

Vagina Dentata Glow-in-the-Dark Underwear