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Decorated with modeling chocolate
Chocolate cake, cream cheese filling, chocolate drip, stenciled buttercream and fresh flowers.

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a model of a star wars vehicle on a black surface
Millennium Falcon Cake
Decorated with modeling chocolate
a white wedding cake with a bow on top sitting on a blue table next to a wall
Wedding cake with edible fabric bow
a white and gold birthday cake with a red rose on top that says happy birthday
Classy birthday cake
Chocolate cake, cream cheese filling, chocolate drip, stenciled buttercream and fresh flowers.
a wedding cake sitting on top of a table in front of a window with black drapes
5 tier buttercream cake
A classic wedding at the Astorian, with 5 tiers of vanilla cake and cream cheese buttercream filling. Covered in hand-piped Italian meringue buttercream. #buttercreamweddingcake #vintageweddingcake #traditionalweddingcake #AstorianEvents #revelationcakesandgraphics #revelationid #houstoncakes
a pink cake with colorful flowers on it
Wildflower Smash Cake
Vanilla cake and Italian Meringue Buttercream. Topped with fresh flowers allowing room for the big birthday girl to dig in!
a three tiered cake with white flowers on top and green leaves around the edges
Rustic Cake
A new take on "rustic." Red velvet cake, cream cheese filling and Italian meringue buttercream. Decorated with a stencil over edible gold leaf, a fondant wrap, wafer paper flowers and vine. #rusticcake #waferpaperflowers #revelationid #revelationcakesandgraphics #houstoncakes
an eagle sculpture sitting on top of a rock with its wings spread out and taloning it's claws
Eagle Scout Cake
Around only 5% of Boy Scouts earn the Eagle rank. Therefore, this Eagle Scout Court of Honor deserved a very special cake! Inspired by the Eagle Scout logo and the troop's camping trips to Enchanted Rock. #EagleScoutCake #EagleScoutCourtofHonor #EagleRank #EagleCake #RevelationID #RevelationCakesandGraphics
a three tiered cake with music notes and musical symbols on the top is decorated in pink, green and black
Jazz Baby Shower Cake
Congrats to the Collette King Team on their Remax Diamond Award! #revelationid
6hr · 18 servings White chocolate Mirror glaze, Italian cream cake, Italian meringue buttercream. Edible gold leaf, vinyl name decals, Diamond terrarium with vinyl label added.
a white cake with frosting and snowflakes on the top is decorated with an acrylic name
Winter smash cake
Smash cake for a 1st birthday party! A winter theme on a semi-naked cake was requested, so we added just a bit more icing on top for a good messy time! In addition, the cake is placed on a smaller board so its easier for little hands to reach the enticing snowflakes on top and the yummy vanilla cake underneath. #wintercake #smashcake #wintersmashcake #firstbirthday #one #snowflakes #seminakedsmashcake #houstoncakes #revelationid #revelationcakesandgraphics
a birthday cake decorated to look like a cowgirl's costume on a gold platter
Toy story cake
Toy Story Cake for a big 3 year old! Marble cake, Italian meringue buttercream and fondant. #toystorycake #westerncake #houstoncakes #revelationid #revelationcakesandgraphics
a cupcake with green frosting and googly eyes sitting on top of a table
Alien cupcakes
10 chocolate and 10 vanilla alien cupcakes were included with a Toy Story cake #toystorycake #aliencupcake #cakeandcupcakes #westerncake #houstoncakes #revelationid #revelationcakesandgraphics
a birthday cake that is shaped like an origami box
Adoption Gift Cake
Two children were adopted this week! I imagined them wishing on a star each night for the gift of a family. . . not realizing that they were actually the gift someone else needed. With that in mind, I made this cake to look like a wrapped gift. 3 layers of funfetti cake and 2 layers of Oreo filling, are wrapped in a starry nighttime buttercream-complete with wafer paper “scotch tape” on the side. The gift is finished with a layered fondant ribbon and tag. #giftcake #presentcake #adoption #adop