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I don't understand how men do it..it's completely heartless !
an image with the quote and it says, and we all have that one person, whether it's a month from now or ten years from now, we'd go back to cause
You... and this is why I feel in my heart, I’ll never be able to fall for another man... you have all of me... The reason I can't love Ruben.
a quote from elizabeth chandler about love and being loved by an angel on the cover of her book, when you love someone, it's never over
an image of a quote with the words before i fell for you and before we broke each other's hearts
an image of a quote that says there's a corner of my heart that is yours
You will always have a place in my heart!
a poem written in black and white with the words,'the problem was that i was
the words people scare me they change their minds so quick one moment it's i love you and you make me happy and the next it'm not sure anymore
a piece of paper with the words, soul's don't meet by accident