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This orange, floral plastic tote was everywhere in the This is so pretty. As an adult now, I have a new appreciation for many retro items that I grew up with.

Tracy’s Toys (and Some Other Stuff): Yard Sale Find: Vintage Hasbro Inchworm - Modern

Favorite inchworm from childhood!!

The Gingham Girls (Free Printable Vintage Paper Dolls). Had these growing up. It takes a few links to get to the dolls but it is worth it!

Child's Gold Bracelet, Enamel Rose Heart Locket-I had one just like it! I didn't have the bracelet but I had the heart shaped emblem on a chain

Nostalgia - Remember When? Johnson's No More Tangles

50 Things From The '80s That Anyone Between The Ages Of 35-45 Has Completely Forgotten About

Don't @ me with "I remember all of this and I am 12," 'cause no, you don't! This is for "old people" only!!!

Gingerbread Man Pin Pal - grandma gave me one of these and I just loved him. - The WABAC Machine -Avon Gingerbread Man Pin Pal - grandma gave me one of these and I just loved him. - The WABAC Machine - My Childhood Memories, Childhood Toys, Great Memories, Vintage Avon, Vintage Toys, Vintage Stuff, Vintage Clothing, Avon Collectibles, Avon Lip Gloss

Avon Gingerbread Man Pin Pal

Here's one of my most beloved childhood Christmas treasures: an Avon "Pin Pal" from 1972. His head opens (which I suppose is a bit macabre) to reveal a hidden cache of lip gloss or some other mysterious substance. He's so cute it's almost unbearable, I think...

Wella Balsam My mom had me use this not realizing it didn't work for my ultra curly tight curls. But it brings back great memories no matter what.

Girls-Toys-Dolls: Baby That-A-Way from 1974 by Mattel Vintage Toys 1970s, 1970s Toys, Retro Toys, Vintage Dolls, Vintage Stuff, Vintage Paper, My Childhood Memories, Childhood Toys, Sweet Memories

Baby That-A-Way from 1974 by Mattel

Click on the Picture of Baby Thataway to Make it Much Larger! She is a Crawling and Toddling Doll. Baby Thataway ©1974 however the Catalog image is from 1975 See This Very Funny YouTube Video You Must See

Lord Have lawn furniture.spent many summer days laying out in the backyard on one of these.Not the best Quality.This was it for a good many years.

AVON Crayon Lip Gloss (photo by Andrea Singarella) My Childhood Memories, Childhood Toys, Vintage Avon, Vintage Beauty, Vintage Makeup, Avon Lip Gloss, Crayola, Flavored Lip Gloss, Pretty Hurts

Avon Calling

So, I thought we'd continue on with a new edition of my Useless Collections. Does anyone remember these? If you're in your thirties or older, and your mom or grandmother ever bought or sold Avon in the late 70's or...

Cookie Crisp cereal retro childhood fun eighties School Memories, My Childhood Memories, Childhood Toys, Great Memories, Retro Recipes, Vintage Recipes, 1980s Food, Cookie Crisp Cereal, Nostalgia

Cookie Jarvis Cookie Crisp cereal box vintage 1978 | #443892613

Nice early Cookie Crisp box. Overall strong & bright with some light shelf wear. All flaps are present.I am selling other cereal boxes & prizes this week.My name is Matthew Kirscht, I am an ar...from 16070

Treat yourself and everyone around you to a true classic with this women's eau de toilette spray from the fragrance design house of Ralph Lauren. Lauren has been a staple of the fragrance world since

Lauren Perfume

Lauren by Ralph Lauren Perfume. Few things draw attention better than Lauren, the wonderful fragrance from designer Ralph Lauren.