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a skeleton tarot card with the words death written in black and white on it
Death tarot card
the fool tarot card with an image of a man holding a staff and sun above him
Motivated by the FOOL tarot card The message of the fool is Trust in your inner knowing. Life is an adventure. – A journey of discovery to be enjoyed. Like an oak tree – all the potential is contained in 1 tiny acorn. We are born with the wisdom and knowing and it is+ Read More
an image of a skeleton holding up the eye in front of it's head
Ошибка 429
the hanged man tarot card with an image of a woman on her back and arrows in
Fyodor Pavlov
12 The Hanged Man Fyodor Pavlov
the tower tarot card with an all seeing eye on it's face and clouds above
The tower (when upside down) means to be exiting a chaotic situation in a positive way. This is, hands down, my favorite card from the Tarot deck. Does this make me weird? ;D
an image of a person with two birds in front of them
SCP-049 by AlishmcMalish on DeviantArt
SCP-049 by AlishmcMalish on DeviantArt