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Assyrian Origin of the so called Star of David, 22 Chaldean Assyrian Letters

Why the Star of David is babylonian pagan kabbalah witchcraft

I Ching table| The I Ching depicts the cosmos as distinct stages of transformation. The universe flows along a natural path. This path is the cosmic creating process. At any point in time, the universe may be characterized by one of 64 stages-m.s.schneider. Each hexagram reveals cosmic polarities at work, a "picture" of the moment.

Use hexagrams as wall art: wood plank, paint, attach with velcro stips.

Understanding the I Ching - I Ching Version for Optimism

Understanding the I Ching The I Ching is best understood in the context of the culture it reflected, influenced, and evolved. The wisdom of the I Ching informed the Zhou Dynasty during more than years of prosperity and benevolent … Continue reading →