#Ridecolorfully through mountians and wildflowers <3 #Vespa

Grand Teton and Wildflowers, Wyoming. By Adam Jones - Pixdaus [Note: this picture is made up of 2 different photographs, one of a flower garden, one of the river/mountain scene. It's still a beautiful result even if it's photoshopped or whatever.

rolling mountians

Blue Ridge Mtns, aka Smokey Mountains beautiful anytime of the year. Motorcycled from Virginia to Georgia down the Blue Ridge Parkway and through the smokies. A trip to remember!

The Great Smoky Mountians

Magic Forest Photograph by Joye Ardyn Durham--artist with camera. This was taken on the Blue Ridge Parkway at the Craggy Garden trail. It was a beautiful and foggy night. Hope you enjoye!

Jemez Mountians, New Mexico

Natural Springs Jemez Mountians, New Mexico

Jackson Wyoming, those mountians are the Grand Tetons :)

Jackson Wyoming, those mountians are the Grand Tetons :) 1974 was the year Summer vacation with my 2 older Brothers, Grandfather, And one of my cousins, Good Times