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an image of different language words with the caption's in german and english
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an image of different language words with flags in the background and text that says language differences
In England we call them fuzzy drinks, I don't know many people who call it soda
German Language, Military Memes, German, Language Jokes, History Jokes, Language
The awesome German language - Funny
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an image of many different faces with different expressions
Tweet / Twitter
an old poster with different colors and designs on it's sides, including the flag
Some flags around the world... oh wait!
an image of the same cartoon character with different expressions
Ice Queenette | Peachette / Super Crown
an image of some sort of artwork with different colors and shapes on it, including the words
S T 🅰️ Y W 👁 K E
an open 9 - days a week sign above a store's front door and in the background, a man holding his hands up to his head
R.I.P. logic
a cartoon character is shown next to a question card
an image of a cartoon character in front of a computer screen with the words qq on it
▓⃝✁꧁ Curando Tu Depresión ꧂