Demoledor. Art installation

Find a construction worker and sweet talk them into letting you hold their hand while they swing a wrecking ball into a building.

esther stocker - art installation

How FUN would this be to do IN the Art room? Black & White geometric spaces created by linear patterns and planes. Installations by Esther Stocker

Installation by Chiharu Shiota. #music #art #installation #sculpture #piano

Silence, art installation by Chiharo Shirotain. I like this installation, gives me ideas of how to preserve, trap make my work out of reach to viewers


Banksy - Shop Till You Drop. Banksy vs Bristol Museum, This seems to be a statue!

The Making of a Displate

We are proud to present our first official Displate production movie showing a glimpse of how our Artworks on Metal come to live. We don't want to spoil…

sorin despoT (@sorindespoT) | Twitter

sorin despoT (@sorindespoT) | Twitter