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Make longstockings as an activity to go along with reading the Adventures of Pippi Longstocking! Long socks and fabric markers.

Pippi Longstocking is perhaps my first childhood book friend. Pippi is the ultimate kid’s kid and free spirit. She is able to lift strong policemen, climb tall houses and trees, rescue childr…

Have some leftover shells from a beach trip? Try this fun sea shell sand craft!

Recently, my twins celebrated their birthday with a mermaid themed party. One of the most popular activities at the party was a sand art table where the kids pour colored sand into bottles. I had lots of colored sand leftover so I started thinking of

Thats right!! Kids these days arent punished enough & thats why this world is full of disrepectful little assholes who think they deserve shit they havent earned!

Time out chair : boys will be boys. But I'm raising my boy to be a man one day. Shouting is not nice and kicking hurts. Nobody likes their face in the dirt. So boys that fight, kick, and shout will be boys that.sit in time out!