Una boda de estilo natural en Barcelona - Bodas de Cuento

Brilliant Party Idea for Drinks - Hanging Metal Buckets of Different Colours.

This would be a fantastic way to re-purpose old picture frames - add flowerboxes and chain or rope to hang in your garden! Incorporate the indoors, outside. | Home Depot

DIY Old Window Planters.using windows, chains & window boxes. Makes such a nice statement where there is no natural window (side of house/garage)

Gotta hav it

DIY Pallet Swings, Benches, And Beds.so that wooden swing picture has me thinking about making a mini version for AG dolls!

Create-a-bright-colorful-upcycled-rainbow-pallet-planter-project-with-these-simple-instructions-from-Hello-Creative-Family.-A-great-family-weekend-project-that-kids-will-love..jpg 1,000×1,482 pixeles

Create a colorful upcycled rainbow pallet flower garden planter project with simple instructions from Hello Creative Family. A great family weekend project.

DIY Verticle PVC Pipe Strawberry Planter Tower

DIY Verticle PVC Pipe Strawberry Planter Tower maybe spray paint the pvc green, would look good in front yard.

Although summer provides us great time to be outdoor relaxing and entertaining, the glaring sun in the day can be brutal, so we all need a way to get out of the sun so that we can still spend relaxing time outside.