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Big sisters are the best. They may make it look easy, but being an older sister is rough. She had your parents’ full attention before you came along. And now she’s held accountable more because she “should have known better.” Older sisters paved the way, living under stricter parents who have relaxed a little since you were born.

Big Sister Warms Hearts Dancing With Baby Brother

He’s even got his arm wrapped around her.

Are you among the millions who need to wear glasses every day? Life in the four eyes club isn’t always easy. Glasses get foggy, they get smudged, and sometimes they even get lost. Luckily, there are still quite a few things that you can do to make life with glasses a little bit easier. We’re sharing our top forty-five.

45 life hacks everyone with glasses should know

Do you wear glasses? Are there some days they are a complete pain? Here are 45 ways to make life with glasses just a little bit easier.

When you decide to get married, your ideal goal is to have a partner that you are compatible with. This includes sharing a good sense of humor so that you can both laugh at the curveballs that life sometimes throws your way.

45+ hilarious wives that keep their husband's constantly on their toes

These hilarious wives make life for their husbands that much more interesting!

Remember when you used to have to ask a total stranger if they minded taking a picture for you? Well, thanks to cell phones and selfie sticks, we no longer need to have those awkward moments!

Teen’s Selfie Stick Becomes Life-Saving Tool In Ocean

What a close call.

We all know how times can change. Technology is taking over and politics is becoming something entirely new. These photos show the sweetest and most mesmerizing differences in our generations.

31 Photos Showing The Reality Of A Generation Gap

We all know how times can change. Technology is taking over and politics is becoming something entirely new. Check out these generation gap pics!

Throughout life, people come across things that can make it more difficult. Fortunately for most, they are resourceful enough to come up with a solution to the problem. Some people, though, go above and beyond, coming up with ingenious hacks that we all wish we had thought of first.

50+ people who are too clever to ever have a difficult life

Some people are just way too smart fro society!

If you find a surprise inside of an object, chances are it was by accident – as in, you broke it. Then again, some of us are just curious and want to know what things are made of.

60 People who broke or opened something and were not expecting what they saw inside

But is it what's on the inside that counts?

It’s been a few years since slang evolved to include the word “basic.” If you’re a little behind the times, we’ll help you catch up: “basic” refers to girls, usually Caucasian ones, who follow internet fashions and trends without discernment.

Guy Takes Photos Mimicking How Girls Act On Instagram, And The Result Is Hilarious

These men are the definition of basic.

Parenting is not easy. We all have the same struggles, but few people will talk about them in fear that they will be looked at as a bad parent. These parents are just like everyone else, taking it day by day and these are the results.

50 Funny Photos Proving Parents Can’t Be Perfect Every Single Day

Parenting is not easy. We all have the same struggles. These parents are just like everyone else, taking it day by day and theseare the results.

These days, we’ve been hearing a lot of negative things. From the pandemic affecting millions of people to inequality making people’s lives worse, it’s easy to feel like there’s nothing good happening anymore.

50 Rare Pictures Showing We Still Love In A Wondrous World

Small wonders are still around us everyday.

The internet is a weird place. On social media sites, there’s a platform for anybody and everybody. That’s a great thing for so many reasons! People can connect with family members, make friends halfway across the world, and even get their voices heard.

75 insane things people have been caught saying online

These people are straight up coo-coo.

We all know that some of the strangest things we’ll ever see can be found on the subway, or other form of public transit. These things are unique and never cease to amaze us. Again, we have triumphed over People of Walmart.

48 Of The Strangest Sights Found On Public Transport

We all know that some of the strangest things we'll ever see can be found on the subway, or other form of public transit. Take that, People of Walmart.

It’s almost 2020 and most of us are keeping up pretty well. But there are some people who are living in 3020! These people are so intelligent, innovative, and amazing that we hardly have words to describe them. So stand back and say “awe” at their awesomeness. Time for a trip to the future.

50 People Living In 3010 While The Rest Of Us Are In 2019

Some people just live smarter, not harder.

It is no secret that being a woman isn’t easy. This rings especially true when a woman is walking alone at night. There is always that slight fear and paranoia like you can be unsafe at any moment. It’s common for women to have to hold their keys in between their knuckles just in case a creep swings by. Unfortunately, it can be very scary.

Nervous Woman Being Followed Walks Up To Random Guy And Whispers ‘Help’ In His Ear

It was a chance she had to take.

Men that have been dragged to go shopping with their significant others know they are in for a long day. They could only be at the mall for a few hours but, for them, it feels like an eternity. Couples that shop together are testing the patience and strength that they have as a couple. If a man can last a day shopping with their significant other, then he can survive about anything.

65 Funny Men Who Are Beyond Miserable While Shopping

Their tolerance looks to be running at an all time low.

Let’s face it, we all have our not-so-bright moments when it seems that our IQ number has suddenly halved and our primal side took over. It may be something innocent as blurting out that the earth may be flat in public or an embarrassing message sent to the wrong person. It’s natural and happens to everyone but what happens when being dumb actually becomes a lifestyle? It provides a lot of comic value and gives everyone a good laugh and also proves that humanity isn’t as evolved as we think…

50 examples of human stupidity at its finest

These people will make the stupidest thing you did pale in comparison.