Madalina Muresan

Madalina Muresan

Madalina Muresan
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Daigaku Imo Recipe

大学芋 (daigaju imo - caramelized sweet potato w/ sticky-sweet-crispy soy glaze, black sesame seeds & sea salt)

Panko Tofu and Sauteed Kale Soba with a Miso Soy Sesame Dressing. #vegan

This panko tofu with kale soba salad recipe perfectly represents that keep it simple Japanese philosophy. It starts with healthy ingredients, accessorizes them just a bit with some panko and a tasty umami miso soy sesame dressing.

Tofu Soba Noodles - So healthy, so hearty, and so easy to make in less than 20 minutes!

Tofu Soba Noodles - This quick and easy vegetarian noodle dish comes together in just 20 minutes! Johnson Johnson Butts-Ah Rhee SMART LUNCH

Hiroshimayaki (Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki) | Easy Japanese Recipes at

Hiroshimayaki (Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki) It’s a Japanese savory pancake that contains a variety of ingredients. “Okonomi” in Japanese means “as you like”, so it’s a savory pancake that contains whatever ingredients you want.