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căsuțe din povești

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a window in the side of a building with vines growing on it
The Haunted Dollhouse — Merveilles en Papier
the inside of a house that is decorated in blue and green colors with lots of windows
Organic – Organic Architecture & Design
a miniature house made out of books and other items
Ghost in the Attic 1:12 Scale Miniature
a model of a house on top of a wooden table
More progress on Fair Rosemond's Bower
a shelf that has some pictures on it and candles in front of the shelves are lit up
The Tree House ~ Penny Thomson
a small house made out of rocks and stone pillars with a window on the side
Fantasy Storybook Village Houses in 1/2" Scale >click here to see models on my Flickr page<
a miniature tree house is shown in the woods with lots of furniture and decorations around it
My Dream Dollhouse: Wizards Hollow ~ Rachel Pace
a model of a house on display in a museum
My Dream Dollhouse: Harry Potter Leaky Cauldron
a bird house in the middle of some bushes and flowers with an owl face on it's roof
4th faery house completed by sevenwillow on DeviantArt
a cake shaped like a house sitting on top of a table
Nothing finished but some progress at least!
the cardboard house is made to look like it's being built on top of a table
Part 3
a house made out of branches with candles in the windows and moss growing on it
The Tree House ~ Penny Thomson