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Is there anything more breathtaking and surreal than outer space? Often, I feel like there absolutely isn't. Maybe it's because of all the celestial masterpieces stars, galaxies, and planets paint, effortlessly sweeping us off our feet?


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selene Stars, Inspiration, Art, Fairy Tales, Ideas, Moon, Dark Art, Fairy, Eyes Lips
two different images with blue and gold stars in the sky, one is an abstract tree
an image of a building that looks like it has stairs going up to the top
Body Art, Hair And Nails, Mermaid Fantasy Makeup, Mermaid, Sirena
an image of some stars in the sky
an abstract painting with different colors and shapes
an image of the planets in space with stars and bubbles around it, as if they were floating on water
a black background with many different colored dots
Face Pictures, Ethereal Makeup, Poses, Face Jewellery
two women sitting on a bed with a candle in front of them and one reading a book