Debian and Intel Galileo Gen 2

How to Install Debian on the Intel Galileo Gen 2 - Smashing Robotics

Raspberry Pi 2 vs Pi 3 - A real world performance comparison

The new Raspberry Pi 3 is put through a series of tests simulating real-life usage to reveal how it stacks up against its predecessor the Pi

Pneuduino pneumatic control system

Pneuduino is an Arduino based modular hardware platform which enables control of air flow and pressure for rapid prototyping of soft robots, intelligent clothing and more.

The AirBoard Puts Your IoT Projects Into High Gear

The AirBoard: Sketch Internet-of-Things, fast! by AirThings — Kickstarter

WeIO Rapid Prototyping Platform for the Internet of Things

WeIO Rapid Prototyping Platform for the Internet of Things - Smashing Robotics

Evive embedded platform

Evive is Arduino Mega-based embedded platform integrating interfaces, drivers and controls to quickly get you going with your project.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with 64-bit CPU and integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE

The team behind Raspberry Pi has released the latest Raspberry Pi With a better quad-core processor and newly added WiFi and Bluetooth the credit

Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with quad-core CPU

The big news of the morning comes way of the Raspberry Pi foundation, which has announced its latest generation microcomputer. Starting today, the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B will be available for purch…