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an old man pointing at the camera with his finger in front of him and text on it
Evita idioții
a purple rose with the words benecurantaita sa na fe ziua vita si famiia
Instagram, Duh, Soul, Okay Gesture, Self, Mary, Good Things, Arta
a butterfly flying over a red flower with the caption saying,'nici o haia nu - i va da omuli classa pe care no are
a blue flower with the words in french above it
a hand holding a flower in front of the ocean with a quote written on it
Putem fi mereu fericiți că trăim
a bunch of red roses on a branch with spanish words in the middle and below
the words are in spanish and there is an image of a red fox with its mouth open
Cine fluieră după femei
Cine fluieră după femei - Viral Pe Internet
the words are written in different languages and have emoticions on them, as well as smiley faces
Când vrei să muncești la pensie
an image of a cartoon character sleeping in bed with the caption'lubulule, mante sa me casatom, meru mi cuma, mele
two pink roses sitting on top of a table next to each other with water droplets
a white flower sitting on top of a white sheet with the words citation despre via
a pink rose bush with the sun shining through it and some words written in spanish