Monster concept art

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four different types of hair with horns on them
Demon Horns 2 by OreoSilhouette on DeviantArt
an animal's face with horns and antlers on it - miscellaneous objects characters
Horn Vectors
four different angles of the head of an animal with horns on it's back
Demon Horns 2 by OreoSilhouette on DeviantArt
some drawings of horned heads and horns
Pointy teeth and horns tips and references
an image of the human body with different types of arms and legs in various poses
tiefling horn ref by TheSpellboundFox on DeviantArt
an image of how to draw animals with different poses and expressions for each animal's head
some sketches of different types of head shapes
Google Images
a painting of a woman with white hair and horns on her head, wearing a black dress
Dark Elf Girl Appreciation Blog: Photo
an image of a woman with horns on her head and purple hair, dressed in costume
Moonglaive, Denise "Denjo" J
a woman with green eyes and horns on her head
Commission: Khindra by Astri-Lohne on DeviantArt