Mai multe idei de la SkooB
leather journal with steampunk elements
steampunk journal with functional clock mechanism
To not get bored on snowy/rainy days i like to grab a big blanket, hot chocolate and a book.
Books and coffee. Perfect.
i need this, desperately. I've dropped so many books in the tub.
hot bath+book+glass of wine or tea(depending on the day)=perfection
This is for the person who likes to contemplate life and write down their thoughts while drinking coffee! The little diary can open and it is real paper inside so please be sure not to get this ring wet      It is on a silver tone adjustable band that will fit most ring sizes. It measures about 3.8 cm wide.
Start a diary again....
#9 Start a Diary and Write in it Everyday
Brigit Jones played by Rene Zellweger in Bridget Jones's Diary