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The GOAT combat vehicles in PLANETSIDE are a more futuristic version of this.they instead hover about 2 to 3 feet off the ground. They are also a bit sleeker, but still have the manned turret up top.

Pearson Engineering Counter-IED Vehicle 'PEROCC' Fitted with Radar for Detection

PEROCC provides a single platform solution to the requirements of counter-IED activity through the application of a suite of tools to a chassis.

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El Airbus A400M Atlas, apodado Grizzly durante la fase de prueba en vuelo, es un avión de transporte militar de largo alcance y avión cisterna propulsado por cuatro motores turbohélice.

The Airbus Atlas, nicknamed Grizzly during the flight test phase, is a long-range military transport aircraft and tanker powered by four turboprop engines.