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Bittersweet Ella

Bittersweet Ella
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koi pond- nice raised edge to keep the racoons out. (COMMENT: Not sure about the "nice raised edge to keep the racoons out.

if we combined cooktop and oven, put the pot/pan drawer next to it

Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Five Things to Keep in Mind Want: Cabinets that are drawers! I definitely want the pots and pans drawers under the cooktop, but a spice drawer with more pots and pans drawers off to the left or right of the cooktop is a great idea.

Dahlia - Border Collection  Mature Height  	15 inches  Soil Type  	Widely adaptable  Moisture  	Moist, well-drained  Sun Exposure  	Full Sun to Partial Sun  Flower Color  	Mixed  Bloom Period  	Mid-Summer to Fall  Bulb Spacing  	12 - 18 inches  Foliage Color  	Green  Zones  	4-10  From Nature Hills Nursery

asses of Vibrant Blooms on Low-Growing Plants! Dependable color for months on end, from mid-summer to autumn. Bushy, compact mounds of lush green foliage are decorated with as many as 40 baseball-size flowers. Excellent for planting along walkways, landsc