Baking Bread

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three slices of cheese pizza sitting on top of wax paper with green sprigs
Italian Farinata Chickpea Flatbread (La Cecina Toscana)
2h 20m
a pizza sitting on top of a pan covered in cheese
Caramelized Onion and Cherry Tomato Focaccia - Savoring Italy
two pizzas are stacked on top of each other
Focaccia Bread with Olives and Artichokes - Foodness Gracious
3h 10m
bread with almonds on top is cut in half and placed on paper next to it
Almond Bread Twist (Vegan)
Almond and vanilla twisted bread wreath/coffee cake - recipe
several pictures of different types of bread
Estonian Kringle - Cinnamon Braid Bread
☆.•♥• Braided Cinnamon Wreath Recipe! •♥•☆ Yield: 1 Wreath Dough 2 cups flour 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 cup lukewarm milk 1 envelope active dry yeast or 0.6 Oz 1/8 cup melted butter 1 egg yolk 1 tbsp sugar Filling: 1/4 cup softened butter 4-5 tbsp sugar 3 tsp cinnamon Method:
1h 50m
vegan baking garlic parsley bake with text overlay
Vegan Baking - Parsley and Garlic Babka
2h 20m
a close up of some bread on a white table cloth with poppy seed sprinkles
Lemon Cardamom Poppy Seed Twists - The Sweet and Simple Kitchen
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a blue bowl
olive roasted garlic sourdough crown recipe
olive roasted garlic sourdough crown recipe | use real butter
bread sticks tied up on a tray next to a glass
Sourdough Breadsticks (Grissini) - Lemons + Anchovies
a loaf of bread sitting on top of a wooden cutting board next to a bowl of butter
Mediterranean Black Olive Bread