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three boats are parked in the water next to an alleyway with buildings on either side
Canal in Venice, Italia.
Canal in Venice, Italia. | Photographed in Venice, Italy. pe… | Flickr
a woman walking in the rain with an umbrella
a woman is walking down an alleyway in black and white, with the light shining on her
Sweet_dream on Twitter
a woman walking down the street holding an umbrella in the rain at night with lights on
ZsaZsa Bellagio: Photo
a woman walking down the street with an umbrella
a green vase filled with yellow flowers sitting on top of a table next to a doily
a table topped with a cup of tea next to a vase filled with flowers and candles
a cup of tea and some candy on a table
Born in May
a cup of tea is sitting on a table with a price tag attached to it
Create a coffee tea station! | Tabitha Dumas
tea being poured into a white cup on a saucer