Found this on  A cactus/succulent dish garden!

Cactus Dish Garden - miniature desert landscape of assorted cacti and succulents. Looks like my cactus dish at home

Lily of the valley.Lirio de los valles.

Floral fancy: Pictures of floral-related lusciousness - myLusciousLife

Lily of the Valley (Convallaria majus) - intoxicating scent! I just love Lily of the Valley !

Tiny succulent garden; so easy to make and so fun to have around!

polymer clay succulent garden I made this teeny weeny succulent garden to go inside the miniature macrame plant hanger I made from the book Microcrafts.

God's glory is bursting before our eyes.  All we have to do is LOOK.

-I sit before flowers Hoping they will train Me in the art of opening Up. I stand on mountain tops Believing that avalanches Will teach me to let go.

You know spring is on the way when the Magnolia trees come |

Saucer Magnolia Tree in spring bloom; I've always wanted a magnolia tree in my yard. They grew everywhere in my mission (Washington DC) and I loved them then and I still love them.