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an abstract painting depicting a woman with red circles in her hair and black dress, on a white background
Explore Your Senses
julien pacaud
a drawing of a cat standing on top of a castle
Carnet Imaginaire
Aurora Cacciapuoti, Tales from Russia (Behemoth the cat, from “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov)
an abstract painting of a woman with red hair
About Erik Jones’s Contemporary Figure Painting Project
Commercial Works
.. Bohol, Positiva Ord, Frases Tumblr, Words Worth, E Card, Quotable Quotes, The Words, True Story
a drawing of a woman with a peacock on her shoulder and the words as a woman i have no country as a woman i want to carry
~ Diego Fernandez
an image of a ship in the ocean with many different colors and shapes on it
I came to get down by Hollie Chastain
a woman with a ribbon around her neck that says, don't let your mind only
On Coexistence - Already Pretty | Where style meets body image