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Lampa wisząca Brokis Night birds 75 cm, biała

Designer: Boris Klimek Available executions: BAS Description: .like the silhouette of birds in the evening sky. Inspired by the grace and freedom of bird flight, the original Night Birds ceiling lights bestow a poetic charm and unprecedented d.

Fabuleuse découverte au London design festival. Umut Yamac, l’architecte, designer cinétique nous présente sa lampe "perch" . Un véritable animal de compagnie.

Umut Yamac’s origami-inspired Perch Light -- the stylized bird-shaped light sits still on its perch until you pass it, or a draft sets it in motion: then the bird gracefully swings, dipping back and forth whilst staying illuminated.

inspiration: fabric w/butterflies lamp

Drawn to the Light This pendant lampshade is as whimsical as it gets, with cutouts that set butterflies aflutter, casting fanciful shadows across the room. In a soft white wool, however, the lamp is anything but cutesy: Just this view.


Working with Stone Designs, B.lux launched a suspension lamp made up of three independent shades that fit together, looking like a deconstructed lampshade.