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Simona Voicu
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Cross Stitch Jewellery Blank - Bamboo, Round, large. $12.00, via Etsy.

Cross-Stitched Jewelry is an Eye-Catching Way to Wear Art The cross stitch craft is normally seen on fabric, but Annie Rawle of Osmosis Designs proves that it looks just as striking on jewelry.

Wooden Cross Stitch Pendant or Keyring Blank

Stitch your own funky necklace, keyring or decoration using this laser cut birch plywood shape. This scalloped circle blank measures in diameter. Please note this is for a blank pendant (stitched version for demonstration only).

Mini Loveheart Cross-stitch Necklace

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Cross stitch necklace / wood cross stitch / cross by deealexx

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Схемы браслетов из бисера.

Схемы браслетов из бисера.

Cross stitched  wooden pendant.

Cross stitched wooden pendant.