Simona Pantilimon

Simona Pantilimon

Simona Pantilimon
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Lost In Fiber

knotted net of hemp cord with cotton strings, jute, and strips of silk cotton. (from the “roots” project)

Patchwork Sweater with shredded leather panel - fabric manipulation; decay; deconstruction; textiles for fashion // Rodarte SS09

Deconstructist fashion occurs with postmodernism and refers to the disassembling of garments - to the point that it looks undone, incomplete, torn up, and/or reassembled in some fashion.


Innovative Weaving with wool for braid-like structures white textures; textiles design // Jeannie Helzer - Crafting Now

Jo Butcher, Embroidery Artist - Dandelion Clock Head

Jo Butcher, Embroidery Artist - Dandelion Clock Head Although this isn't anatomically correct the simplistic design of this works beautifully and the mind fills in the gaps ♡♡♡